Pulse in the Grand Canyon

The idea of this image is to showcase the luxury use of the Pulse and EXX. The pod in the middle of the Pulse is the EXX which is a VTOL. The rich and famous will use this to travel from location to location without ever having to get out of the vehicle. In this case, we wanted to showcase it at the Grand Canyon.

There were some challenges with making this image. The main issue was the lack of images of the foreground leading up to the canyon edge. I decided to make it fully in 3D leveraging the power of mega-scans and other various assets.

I then needed to create the sky to match the canyon in the background because the original sky was boring and overcast.

I handled all of the lighting, texturing, lookdevelopment, compositing and painting of the sky.

I really enjoyed this project and I hope you do also!

Spencer fitch exx carriage grand canyon final wheelupdate 1

Beauty FInal

Spencer fitch exx carriage grand canyon final breakdown